New Year Update

Happy New Year!  I for one am especially excited for this year to unfold.  There's a lot of potential in the air and I intend to grasp every opportunity that I can!

Since it's been awhile from my last post, let me start by talking about the success of the album release.  The release show at High Noon was awesome and we had an excellent turn out and response to playing the album straight through for the first time live.  Also, it was a huge relief for me because there's a big build up of anticipation and a lot of pressure (mostly internal) to perform the best possible at an album release.  Now that we have that under our belts as a band I'm excited to get out and play more for a live audience!

Following that we did a live stream show mid December with that was recorded and filmed.  It turned out really amazing and I'll be posting videos from it throughout this year on Youtube and on this site.

Also, if you haven't seen it, the official music video for Tune It Out was released the day after the album and it's been getting great reception.  I'm really proud of how it turned out and the videographer, Jeremy Gehler, did an incredible job shooting and editing it.  I did a promotional campaign for the video, and as of today we have over 100k views on Youtube and it also garnered 300+ new subscribers!!  I'm looking at doing another video this year for another Tune It Out song or maybe a whole new song.

I've also been doing a campaign for the single Tune It Out on Spotify which now has over 15k streams and has been fairly successful in multiple countries, especially in Europe and South America!  I'll be posting some screen shots to share the success on social media soon as this is a huge milestone. 

At that note, be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook (I'm considering starting Tik Tok too...) because I've been doing regular teaching videos talking about how to play different parts of my songs.  I'll be continuing this and also branching out into discussing how I approach writing songs, lyrics, and guitar parts in longer format videos on Youtube and still sharing clips on everything else.

That leads me into the next plan which is to start a Patreon this year.  If you're unfamiliar, it's essentially a fan page on steroids where you can get exclusive content and "prizes" that are only available by being my Patreon subscriber.  Ideas for this include in depth teaching and discussion videos, special behind the scenes videos, exclusive merchandise, early access to new songs and merchandise, and much more.  I'll be doing a post about this specifically once I get that built and started up.  It will be your chance to have insider access to everything "Marsden" that isn't available anywhere else.  This includes personal things that I keep close!

Going forward this year I'm looking at playing out as much as possible to promote the new album with summer festivals in the midwest in my sights.  I'm also hoping to get down to SXSW if it's in the cards this spring!  I'll be working on new music and want to put out at least two songs this year, if not more.  I have a lot of songs in the bank and ready to be worked on that I can't wait to share with you.  Also, I'll be playing out more with my other band The Cancellations where I play guitar to songs written by my talented friend Ellie Maybe.  We are going on tour for a week in the spring and also in the Summer and will be playing in Madison in June!

I'll be keeping the momentum going and promise to do more regular updates like this.  I will at least do one each season, but want to do more and have more involvement.  Since I've got the practice from promoting Tune It Out, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable being active and open.

Cheers to an excellent year, I hope you have an amazing 2023!

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