Chord/Lyric Charts Now Available for All Songs! 

Working on learning a Marsden song and just can't figure out that chord?  Well, today's your lucky day because every single Marsden song is now has chord/lyric charts available for free on!!

Check them out here:

It's so exciting to be able to make this announcement not only because it took a good chunk of work, but also because I used Ultimate Guitar for over 20 years as I've learned to play guitar.  Some of the first guitar tabs I ever learned were from this website, and now I'm able to have all of my music available on there for the world to enjoy and for future 13 year old aspiring guitarists to be inspired by.

As I continue releasing music, I will be shooting to have that song's chord/lyric charts available the day of release if not within the first week of release!  I also am planning on working through some solos tabs as well to also be made available on Ultimate Guitar.

In related news I do have some tab books in the works and will be making them available digitally here on my website and through Patreon later this year!!!

I hope you enjoy learning my music as much as I enjoy learning my favorite musician's music!  

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