Got The Time

(Verse 1)
We’ve got hopes
High supply
Different dreams 
Running through our minds
I’ve got time
Reasons why
We’ve got tears
Pouring from our eyes

(Verse 2)
Talk and talk
Oh we tried
She felt stuck 
Without that city life
You filled my heart
Healed my soul
Now I’m lost
Out of control
Can’t let go

It’s the little things I miss the most
The way you showed how much you cared
You were the one I called my home
But you’re gone
Right or wrong

(Verse 3)
I’ve got time
Reasons why
Drowning in 
The tears we’ve cried
Spread your wings
Far and wide
Funny how 
We forget to fly

(Verse 4)
Sometimes love
Must say goodbye
We'll meet again
On the other side