Tune It Out with a total of ten tracks is musically mature and songwriting at a top level. .... Conclusion 10 out of 10...” - Excess Magazine Admin

Excess Magazine (Germany)

It’s smart hard rock. ... He’s incorporated all the good stuff from ‘90s rock. ... A collection of sincere songs, performed sincerely.” - Laury Verdoux

Curious for Music

The promising young artist, Marsden has released a brand new album, that is quite frankly, filled with bangers. The tracks will make you dance, make you feel, make you express, and most importantly will make you fall in love.” - Charles Edward

Daily Music Roll

Tune It Out by Marsden is a breath of fresh air that we all have been seeking. It's value will continue to ascend as we discover new layers wrapped in melody and sincerity. Bravo!” - Warlock Asylum Admin

Warlock Asylum International News

It is fair to say that Tune It Out is a rock album. It is also fair to say that it is like few rock albums you have heard before.” - Dave Franklin

Dancing About Architecture

"Tune It Out” is a tour de force for his sound, solidifying his as a unique up-and-comer in the indie scene.” - Ethan Hrenko

Indie Band Guru

...a well-crafted modern rock/post grunge affair... The music takes me back to MTV´s Alternative Nation...” - Kaj Roth


(About Tune It Out) This is quite an interesting album. It sits firmly in the alternative rock zone, but there is a good range within. There's not a weak track here, but some definitely stand taller than others. This flows well and has enough variety to keep it interesting from start to finish. It also feels so genuine. (*Full track by track review available via link below).” - Gary Hill

Music Street Journal

Artist and songwriter Marsden has just revealed that he will be releasing a brand new studio album titled “Tune It Out.” The 10-track effort is going to be available from the 17th of November, 2022, and the release already feels like a milestone in the artist’s discography. The main single “End on End” was released a little while back, and it served as an amazing first taste of the exciting sound of this release. The album has a very melodic and dreamy style, with influences as diverse as rock, pop, and country music all merging seamlessly into one. Marsden’s emotional vocals might remind people of artists as diverse as The Fray or Daughtry, but with a more personal touch.” - Bandcamp Diaries Admin

The Bandcamp Diaries

**TRANSLATION VIA GOOGLE** ...The musical potpourri of modern rock, a bit of pop and post-grunge, which not only reminds a little, but rather strongly of the prevailing sound of the early 1990s. His new album Tune It Out with a total of ten tracks is musically mature and songwriting at a top level. With the opener End On End, which Marsden released directly as a single, this talented artist already shows where the journey should go. With an elevated tempo and bright, bright timbres, a sound is created here that really pulls the listener along, which not only applies to the sound, but also to the composition and the songwriting itself. Marsden manages to convince the listener of himself and his art right from the first hearing, conveying an important message in this way, with which he reveals himself as a good musician and composer and equally talented singer, but also as a lyrical poet who knows his craft more than understands. Directly as a catcher, End On End catches your ear and stands out for its pioneering work. A pioneering work that extends over the entire album Tune It Out. Conclusion 10 out of 10: Lovers of hand-made rock should mark November 17 in red on their calendars!” - Excess Magazine Admin

Excess Magazine (Germany)