Marsden's first solo album, Gravity, is a mix between Alice In Chains (Sap and Jar of Flies specifically), Days of the New (lower-register vocal melodies and hooks), and Radiohead (expert guitar work à la The Bends). .... Listening to the whole thing in a sitting, there's no question that Marsden's Gravity is a clear statement of mood and genre.” - Mike Huberty

Maximum Ink Magazine

Marsden’s music is for the thoughtful listener, has an artistic integrity and is expertly crafted, exploring existential topics that are laced with love, loss and uncertainty. ... While vocals are a strength he also has a knack for guitar styling, providing both power and nuance in the melodic lines and chord structures. There are also some explosive solos. It’s firmly nestled in 90s grunge but there are elements of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and space rock.  ” - Rick Tvedt

— Local Sounds

The album "Gravity" is one of the most heartfelt and poignant attempts to capture the heartbreak and attempted escape we all feel from within, both of individual events that shape us, as well as our experience of life as a whole. Not only do the lyrics tell a story, they ask questions of whether fate is real, love and hate are one in the same, and what a life worth living truly is.” - Riley Heninger