New Single Late November + Fall Update

There's a new single coming out later this month!  Here's the press release:

“Got The Time” due out 11/30/23, is a powerfully dynamic indie rock ballad with a beautifully melancholic melody, emotional guitars, and vocals that will make you want to ugly cry yourself to sleep.  Got the time reflects on when you must take a separate path from ones you love.  It reminisces on the energy, hope, and dreams that go into relationships.  It's about being grateful for special times that were shared while reconciling with saying goodbye.  It's about taking the time to heal even when it's much longer than you want it to be.  Got The Time is by far Marsden's most vulnerable and revealing release yet that truly shows the heart he puts into his songs.

I've put a lot of work into this song on many levels and I'm confident you'll hear it in the song.  I'm incredibly proud of this work of art.  There's still a lot of work yet ahead with creating content for the single, and you'll start seeing some teasers a few weeks ahead of the release day.

After that, I'll be working on the next single, “Keepsake” to be released spring ‘24, and handling booking for some tour dates around the release!  there's also a good bit of work yet to do on the Patreon page I've promised, but this has been delayed due to some other priorities like starting the search to buy a house and, well, life.  

I’ve also been rehearsing for a reunion show of my ska/punk band, 4 Aspirin Morning, for the 10 year anniversary of our smash album, Cash Poor Liquor Rich!  It's exciting, fun, and has been a good bit of work remembering songs since we haven't played for almost 4 years… Don't worry though, we're locked in now and are ready to explode at The High Noon next weekend on my birthday, 11/11!! 

I can't wait for you to hear this new song and the other new songs in the works.  There's a lot more fun content coming your way too as I'm getting geared up to create more efficiently and consistently throughout the winter.  


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