1. Sunshine

From the recording Gravity

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(Verse 1)
Crashing down to find
Blackened paradise in ruin
In ruin
Searching for some sign
Of life

(Verse 2)
Sobering sunshine
Just a glimpse of light
Ain't no halo
Ain't no halo for me here
Was I a fool to have loved
Was I a fool
Was I a fool

(Chorus 1)
Oh does she remember me
'Cause it feels like I'm losing earth
So do I stay or leave
And take one final flight
And kiss the sun goodnight

(Verse 3)
This won't be our demise
There's still a chance that I
Could change her mind
Convince earth not to die
Let these tears
Water you
Water you
Water you
Water you

(Chorus 2)
They will remember me
I will nurse earth back to life
I will stay and sow the seeds
I will dedicate my life
And kiss the sunshine