The Cancellations Tour Log - Day 1

Day 1 at Maggie Meyers Irish Pub in Huntsville Alabama was a success! The other bands were all cool and it was a fun variety combo of genres that fit the night well.
It was a smoking bar and it made us all grateful for non-smoking venues. It was raining during load out but not too bad and we got out of there and back to the hotel a little after midnight.
We had a lot of early-tour first-show energy so we hung out and goofed around until we all fell asleep. Maybe around 2. We found we didn’t have batteries for the air mattress so we had to sleep three to one of the beds and poor Dan ended up on the floor. Somehow Gary still kept me cornered to my sliver of bed edge most of the night, lol.
Today we’re a bit sleepy but in good spirits and just got to Birmingham. Should be another awesome show tonight!

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