Summer Update - Tune It Out Is Complete!

Tune It Out is officially completed!

I have been busy at work every day since my last update.  I did get some rest and recuperation time, but was immediately back at it.   The last song I had to complete on the album was a bear to get written, but it is now one of the favorites on this album.  It goes to show what committing and putting in the last 10% can do to your work.   That has been my core value throughout the creation of this album and you're going to hear it in these songs.

As we worked through the album mixing and mastering we put extensive attention to detail into each revisions as we polished the songs to make them shine more than I ever imaged they could.  It may have been hours over weeks of painstaking critical listening and collaboration, but there's no one else I would have rather worked with to bring this album to life other than Lee Petz with Play Brain Audio.  We recently celebrated the completion and probably listened to the album 10 times over the evening as we got to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Currently I'm in the midst of the administrative and PR preparation work to ensure this album can get the attention it deserves.  I'm going to put everything I can into making the release of Tune It Out successful. 

Over the next few months you will be seeing a lot of new content from me gearing up for the release, and you can really help me out by interacting, sharing, and shaking down every person you see on the street to tell them about the music they should really be listening to...  ok maybe not quite that far, but I think you get the sentiment.

I'm still really nailing down the exact timing, but here's the general timeline for the release that you can look forward to:

1st single release with video:  September 
2nd single release with video:  October 
Album release with release party show and live stream show:  November

Here's an inside look of a broad view of the to do list leading up to this:

  • Research and marketing strategizing
  • Distribution
  • Press Release write ups and submissions
  • Final various formats/versions of the songs
  • Ordering Vinyl/CD's (yes this will be on vinyl in like 6 ish months...)
  • Ordering new merchandise (so much new stuff as well as different online exclusive and live show exclusive gear)
  • A LOT of Social media content (this is going to basically be daily so deal with it... is what I'm also telling myself...)
  • Music Videos  (I'm trying to shoot 2 before the album release to come out with each single)
  • Booking (release show, live stream show, regional shows)
  • Praying to the algorithmic gods of the internet

So much great stuff coming out the rest of this year, try to keep up!  (...again telling this to myself as well...)



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