Fall Recording Update

Work has been busy!  So much so that I literally had to ask for less work.  Fortunately I have an understanding boss that has helped to ease the workload.  It can be extremely difficult to sit down after a draining day and then try to do your best art and performing! 

That being said, I've made sure to make the most of the times when I have the energy to spare, and I've been pouring it into the electric guitar writing/recording almost every day.  Plus, I've been practicing, or taking lessons just about every day.  Something recently has given me a big push to play guitar and improve. 

It could be the excitement of finding great sounds/riffs while working on the album - or - from all of the excellent music I've discovered or seen live recently - or - from the momentum gained from practicing/learning so consistently.  Either way, I'm feeling satisfied with where I'm at with the work that's been put into the album this year, and I don't often feel that way, so I'm trying to enjoy it for what it's worth.

This push has resulted in sometimes taking an hour to record a part right, or even stepping away for a day to make sure I can play a part just the way it needs to be played.  It can be grueling, but oh so worth it, and I hope you'll be able to feel it on the final product.

Alright - so - for a re-cap here's what's completed on the album:
-all drum recording
-all bass guitar recording
-all acoustic guitar recording
-electric guitars for 5 songs
-vocals for 3 songs

There are still some electric guitars and several songs on vocals to go.  There will be a few fun "auxillary" tid bits to add in as well, but things are getting closer and really taking form!

Mixing is coming along VERY well...  Lee Petz with Play Brain Audio has been doing an amazing job on the songs that are completed.  Also, the album artwork is close to done and is very exciting thanks to Joe Reedy.  There's so much coming together, but still so much time left until it can all be unveiled...

I'll have some special announcements about the album before the end of the year and more exciting things on the horizon!  In the meanwhile, be sure to check out my Instagram to catch behind the scenes recording pics + vids, as well as cat pics:  https://www.instagram.com/j.marsdenmusic/

Have an excellent holiday season!

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