Tune It Out Vinyl Available Now + Summer Update

This is the most exciting announcement I've been able to make in quite awhile and it's a major highlight in my musical journey to be able to say that I now have vinyl records of Tune It Out available for sale!!  Check out the Merchandise page to get yours today.  I also just put up additional shirts and CD's for sale in packages.

At the beginning of summer I went into the studio to record drums for 5 new songs with my drummer, Brett, recording engineer, Dusting Sisson with Blast House Studios, and mix engineer, Lee Petz with Playbrain Audio.  The songs are already sounding amazing and shaping up as I'm starting to work on them one by one.  The goal is to get at least one song out this year, two if I can manage it.  I will be starting to play some of these new songs live too.

I'll be realeasing each song as a single and then as a full EP by later next year.  The idea here being that I won't get bogged down with working on so many songs at the same time and can also keep putting out new material faster and more consistently compareted to working on a full album.  These songs are deeper, more complex, and step further into my own sound.  I couldn't be more excited to put my skills to the maximum test with these new songs.

In other news, I'm working on getting back up to consistency with my social media posting.  I'm also working on getting the Patreon page I've promised finalized.  I've been slacking in what I promised earlier this year and I'd like to explain.

Not only has this spring/summer been busier than expected with touring with The Cancellations, a big family reunion, my day job, and continuing work on my music, but I also have been working through re-aligning after ending a serious 4 year relationship earlier this year.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that this change hasn't shook me up.  I've been up and down emotionally and adjusting to a new routine and living situation.  On top of that, my parents moved out of their country home of 30 years which has been a sanctuary of sorts for me when visitng.  It provided a sense of security, freedom, and space that I could always acess compared to living in the city, and losing that place brought up a lot of the same feelings of loss that I'd been working through from my relationship ending.

I thought I would have recovered faster, but I'm allowing myself the space and acceptance to work through this on my own time.  Consequently, that has put a damper on my motivation that was on a roll from the release of Tune It Out at the end of last year.  Hopefully you can understand that it's hard to lose cherished long term relationships.  It's almost like the death of your best friend.

The good news is that I'm healing, learning, growing, and getting back in touch with myself more than ever before. Once again, the possibilities are flowing and I'm starting to feel the magic daily.  This also means that you're going to get a truly deep and crushingly beautiful song about this experience.  I can't wait to share this depth with you and connect on a level that only music can convey.

I hope this summer brings the joy and rejuvenation that it has brought me.  I intend to continue on this path more dedicated and more consistent than ever.  I hope you continue to join me on this journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of my life and listening to my music.  The connection and healing through music is the greatest gift that I can both give and receive in this life.

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