Spring Update

I'm getting settled back in after The Cancellations tour and already had a songwriter gig this past Friday at Cargo Coffee.  A songwriter friend from Seattle, Nick Droll, was going to be in town so we set up a gig to make sure we could play together when he was around.  That guy is a great songwriter and player!

I also have a gig coming up this Thursday at the Annex opening up for Skrizzly Adams on the Madison stop of his world tour!  I'll be playing around 7:30pm.

In other good new, the vinyl pressings should be in hand within the next 2 weeks!!!  I'm working on finalizing location/details for a vinyl release party so you can come get your copy in person.  I'll also be setting them up to ship via my online store asap.  That being said, anyone who has already paid for a copy will get their shipped as soon as I have them in my possesion, and if anyone else is jonesing for a copy, I can get you your fix ahead of the release show.

I'm working on getting demos ironed out throughout the next month as we'll be recording drums for 5 new song at the beginning of June!  From there I'll be able to hash out recording time and plan to have a song out by Fall.

Booking has been slower that I'd like and I haven't heard back from any festival submissions for the summer, but am still hopeful.  I plan on getting out regionally with some show more so in the Fall, just need to find some bands and good spots in the 1-2 hour range from Madison.

I've also been distracted with having to move and with throwing the Cancellations tour in there I've been re-adjusting to getting back in my groove of productivity.  That being said, the Patreon page is still in the works, but I really hope to launch in the next 1-2 months.  I just need to get some exclusive prizes worked out and then it will be ready to launch with so much cool stuff available for you!

Great things are always in the works and I can't wait to share the next things with you all!!


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