The Cancellations Tour Log: Day 9/10

Ok, I'm back, rested, and caught up on work. Time to get this last tour log update done!
Ah, the last show of tour! We got up mostly early so we could get back to home base and chill. At this point all of the gross gas station and fast food is catching up to my gut. That on top of sleep exhausting isn't pairing the best...
We got back to Nashville easily and all got showers, naps, and time to relax. I went with Joe to run some errands and we got to check out their neighborhood music shop which was fun. On the way back we wound up at a red light next to a souped up car looking to race. The funny thing is that Joe has a fully electric car that takes off like a jet and we absolutely smoked the other car off the green light, byeeeeee...
We were able to get all of the gear out of the trailer and into one car, but the rest of us had to Uber to the gig. Kerri and Dan left to do some quick tourist stuff, and then Ellie and I headed out together come load out time (6pm ish).
We got there, unloaded and had time to setup and check. I was having gear issues and couldn't get signal through my pedals, but turns out it was just my oldest pedal (MXR Carbon Copy about 15 years old) being finicky and a quick button press kicked the signal through (that was almost bad).
At this point the lack of sleep is really catching up to me, plus my stomach isn't feeling the best. I pretty much hung back outside to zone in and try to get some good food in me with an unhappy gut.
Show time came around and I was ready to go. We killed the set, which I guess is what happens when you play with the same group everynight for over a week. It was amazing to get great compliments from new people in the crowd and to have a final moment to celebrate the journey our band made together. What a ride it has been!
So at this point, We have to get to the Airport by around 4am, so Kerri and I decide to pull an all nighter. 
Thankfully the rest of the crew stayed up with us to hang until we had to leave and say our goodbyes for now.
We got through security super fast, so we ended up having over an hour to wait at our gate before we boarded... Sleepy time...
I napped on and off throughout the trip and we didn't have any major delays aside from having to sit at the Detroit airpoirt (our layover) for an hour after we boarded waiting for one jet fueler to fill 3 planes before us. All in all, no big deal.
Finally we were back, but I still had errands to run and chores to take care of before I chilled out. Plus I wanted to make it to at least 7-8pm so I could reset my sleep schedule. As soon as 7pm rolled around I was out and slept a solid 12 hours!
The tour was incredible and I would do it again in a heartbeat, just after a few more good nights of sleep 😉
See you out there this Summer with some midwest dates playing with The Cancellations!

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