Almost Springtime Update

At this time of year, I'm guessing you feel the same as I do and can't wait for springtime with sunnier and warmer days.  I'm from Wisconsin where we have sometimes very cold, sometimes very snow, and what sometimes seems like endless winters.  Now, I do enjoy winter, however it gets old after a couple of months (after enjoying Christmas and  some snowboarding of course).  The change of seasons is always good, though, as it helps me to appreciate the warmer seasons that much more.  Such is the cycle…

So, on the note of changing seasons, I'm in the process of some changes myself.  I'll be moving out of my current apartment where I've had an amazing music space that allowed me to create Tune It Out.  I'll be in a bit of a floating living situation for a bit, but then am hoping to be buying a house where I can set up an even better and more permanent studio to dive even deeper into creating and putting out music.

My goal is to get a few song demos finished in the next couple of weeks before the move so that I can start working with my drummer, Brett, on building out the songs.  Ideally we'll record drums in the summer, and then I will release several singles until that leads into releasing a compiled EP of about 5 songs.  I'd love to release two songs this year and the rest would come next year.

On top of that I'm in the middle of building out a Patreon page with some really cool prizes, behind the scenes insight, exclusive ways to connect with me musically and personally, and much more.  I have a few things to build out and make before I can launch, but this should hopefully be ready by May, and you can expect to see several specific Patreon updates leading up to that launch.  If you dig my music, you're going to want to sign up for this.

Also, if you follow me on social media, you've probably seen some teaching videos that I've consistently been posting.  These have received excellent interaction with new fans, so I'm looking at doing even more and also will be incorporating deeper lessons into the Patreon page to use as a jumping off point to create my own lessons site.  The focus for now will be on guitar and music theory, but I will also be doing lyric and songwriting videos with the hopes of incorporating those onto the lesson site too if they are well received.

I'm also working on getting some summer gigs booked.  It can be difficult to break into different festivals and cities, but I'm working hard to get out there further to see more of you in person and rock out loud for you!  There are a couple of Madison acoustic gigs coming up end of April and early May that I'll be promoting soon, so look out for that.  I hope to have Brett join me on Cajon for these shows too!

Another good piece of news is that I was able to finally approve the 3rd round of test copies for the vinyl pressing of Tune It Out, and it's on the way to production with the hopes of having that ready for purchase in the next 3 months!  I'm looking at doing a special vinyl release party as well, so definitely keep an eye out, maybe I'll even be able to debut a new song live at that show…

Now, if you aren't following me on social media, do yourself a favor and scroll to the bottom of the page, find my links, and like/follow/subscribe because there will be a lot of awesome lessons, videos, demos, and more being shared over the coming months as all of this work pans out.  I'm so excited to share it with you!

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