New Year 2022 Update - "Tune It Out" Timeline

2022 has been very productive so far!  As of today, all that's left to record are the electric guitars for one song, a solo for another, and vocals on 3 (and a half) songs.  Plus maybe a little extra mischief... 

Tune It Out is on target to begin mixing in early March, with the goal to release a single around the end of March - early April.  The release date depends on a few things that need to happen before that timing can be determined, but that ideally would be somewhere in the summer, maaaaaybe July.

I will be doing a live album release show and as well as a separate live stream show for those not in WI, and will have some really cool merch/show packages to go along. 

For now, my focus is on writing and recording the best music I can for Tune It Out, and it's turning out incredibly well so far.  The few friends who have been close enough to hear some samples have given extraordinary feedback that both humbles and excites me to continue down this path and get this music out for you to hear!

In other news, my next live performance will be on March 26th on 92.7 The Devil's Lair for the Greater Madison area.  I'll post more details on that in the near future.

Looking ahead at shows, I may have one, maybe two, other live performances before the release, but plan on doing more shows regularly around the regional area once Tune It Out is released. 

AND the bonus is that I plan on playing with a full band for the release shows, as well as a majority of the post release shows going forward!!  

This year has a lot of potential, and I hope that you'll take a hold of it with me. 

I can't wait to get this album and more out to you this year.  So many great things are on the horizon!


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